Often following a neurological event there is a loss of physical function, which can be for many reasons including: muscle weakness, altered movement patterns, challenges with coordination, balance difficulties and tonal changes. This can all be compounded by sensory, visual and cognitive impairments. 

We can help improve function, movement control and strength to improve your quality of life.

Our physiotherapy treatments include: 

  • a thorough sensorimotor assessment

  • hands-on physio techniques to promote sensorimotor recovery

  • strength training and stretching programmes

  • sensory rehabilitation  

  • treatment and management of tone using handling, splints and referral to spasticity clinics

  • falls prevention

  • upper limb activation and programme set up including GRASP and CIMT

  • balance work including vestibular therapy

  • outdoor mobility work and assisting with integration into the community  alongside the Occupational Therapist

  • provision and updating exercise programmes

  • assessment of appropriate mobility aids

  • set up at local gyms, working alongside personal trainers and pilates teachers

  • signposting to other services i.e. orthotics , seating specialists