Further testimonials

My husband, Jim, started working with Rhian in April 2015 following a major stroke in December 2014 at the age of 52 which left him paralysed down his left side and a 

significant amount of brain damage.

Rhian was keen to establish Jim’s short and long term goals and within a few weeks, with her encouragement, dedication and support he was able to once again confidently dress himself, prepare a meal and 

carry out simple tasks around the home and garden which had been necessary for him to re-learn.

Jim has recently started working with Rowan for physiotherapy and once again, with her expertise, he is improving beyond our belief, gaining strength, coordination and confidence.

I cannot thank Rhian and Rowan enough for their professionalism and complete dedication.


I feel so lucky that I found Neurotherapy Partnership, their support to the home is invaluable.

They always treat our residents with respect and compassion. They work with our residents to support and encourage them to lead as independent life as possible.

It's great to work with such a professional team that you can always rely on.

Sharon Lampard

The Grove Residential Home

I was given the name of the “Neurotherapy Partnership” by an old school friend of my daughter’s.

My husband had been hospitalised after a stroke and fall whereby he had broken a pubic bone.

The hospital staff after a week all said he could leave the hospital except one sister who said he

had to go to a rehabilitation unit.  The one on offer had been described to me by someone whose mother

had been there as careless, dirty and negligent.  The private nearest one was full.  So along came the partnership

to the hospital the very day after I contacted them in the shape of a Physiotherapist and an Occupational

Therapist.  They liased with the hospital staff and my husband was moved to a nursing home the next day.

While he needed to be there for 12 days the partnership two came to visit both at the nursing home and our home.

They put him on excercises, took him walking, assessed our home for what his needs might be and continued to

be involved until he had been home a good month.  They were unendingly patient, professional and friendly.

I would highly recommend the partnership – we could not have managed without them.